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Amarillo 2016 Double Reduction Gearbox
Amarillo 2016 Double Reduction Gearbox

Optional Accessories

  • Call For Pricing Electric Oil Pump
  • Call For Pricing Non-Reverse
  • Call For Pricing Mechanical Oil Pump
  • Call For Pricing Oil Heater and Thermostat
  • Call For Pricing Pressure Switch
  • Call For Pricing Oil Filter
  • Call For Pricing Oil Level Switch
  • Call For Pricing Export Box
  • Call For Pricing 304S.S. Ball Valve

Amarillo 2016 Double Reduction Gearbox


This is the standard right angle, double reduction gearbox. This gearbox is good for a maximum rating of 500 HP. The CTD-2016 gearbox is available with custom input and output shafts as well as many other options.

Online Sale Price

$67,191.60 Each

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